Bury Me In Montana - Authored by Joseph White - "The Sweet Grass Kid" ... from Sweet Grass Montana

Sweet Grass Kid - Bury Me in Montana - Compelling Family History by Joseph White of Sweet Grass

"It's him or us! I gotta' do it!"   ..."him or us... him or us"

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Bury Me in Montana - Compelling and Inspirational Family History - A "Must Read!"


Bury Me In Montana - One man's compelling family history born of the author's search for answers --from his father and from God. 

This is his powerful tale of a childhood fractured by an alcoholic father.

A solid story that gives us a glimpse of the terrors abused families endure, yet offers hope.

"But it wasn't all bad.  We had good times."

"I live in wonder, amazed at human resilience and courage.  We suffered, yet we emerged strong, able to love and forgive."


Bury Me In Montana is a must read, a story for everyone.


Author - Joe White - Bury Me in Montana

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